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1. Visit each of the 7 text ads at the bottom for 15 seconds. Once the 15 seconds is up a button will appear for you to Click and Go Back to continue (mobile phone users might want to rotate their phones to see button better). Afterwards complete the rest of the registration and make sure to submit your ad to be used. (You will not be allowed to sign up until you have visited all the links.)

2. You will than receive a website exactly like this one, the only difference will be that your ad that you submitted during registration will now be in the #1 position. (special instructions inside to get the sponsors ad spot).

3. You will be instantly sent an e-mail with your unique site URL and login details. You need to promote your unique site URL for your prospects to see your link in the #1 position. Banners and other materials are located in your members area to help you promote your page or you may create your own.

4. People who sign up from your referral link will now be advertising your ad in their #2 position. People joining on the next level will advertise your link in their #3 position, and so on, and so on. You can see how your network will begin to grow very, very rapidly. If you would like to view a chart please click here.

Now you see the true power of giving away the Gold Memberships. So what are you waiting for? Begin the process that will allow you extra exposure without costing you a cent. Click the links below and view the ads to get started.

IMPORTANT: If you can not see the 7 ads below the arrow, disable ad blocker.




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